Bella is a Survivor and One of My Heroes

This is Bella, Pit Bull Terrier. White, like the snow she was running in when I met her. Strong, Energetic. Full of Life. Huge heart. I could go on and on about  the amazing qualities she has. She is missing 1 thing.

You see Bella is just 19 months old. She is just a baby. Learning and training and making mistakes.

Several months ago Bella ran out into the road. There was a truck speeding up the residential road. Here in Nutley, we get that a lot. Residential speed limits are 25mph. That is to protect the children and in most cases anything or anyone that enters into the drivers path giving them ample time to stop.

Bella was lucky and not so lucky. You see a truck was coming and hit Bella dragging her for nearly 4 houses. Gianna, Bella’s human sister, told me she chased after the truck yelling stop. The truck stopped and Bella jumped up and ran right into the house. Bella Mom, Marisa, and other family member’s instantly noticed Bella was losing a lot of blood and rushed her to an animal hospital.

Doctors knew Bella needs a blood transfusion. She seems to be really good spirits but was definitely not putting pressure on her left hind leg. To make a long story short and as not to embellish or misstate the facts. Bella had her Leg amputated.

I was so intrigued by Bella’s energy. She runs like she has 4 legs. She played fetch like a dog with 4 legs. She even jumped up on the fence to great a friend of her mom’s, just like a dog with 4 legs could do. But she only has 3.

Some people say I was a miracle. I say miracles are presented in front of us every day. You just have to open your eyes and witness them. Bella is a Miracle. Bella survivied being hit by a car. Bella survived losing so much blood. Bella survived losing a limb.

Bella lives to kiss the people that love her. Bella lives to tell her story. Bella lives and that is a miracle and she will always be one of my heroes.

Bella, it was great to meet you. I hope your mom and sister will read this and comment on it. Maybe share more of your story. More accurately then I could.

I am going to post some more pictures of you as I am just so impressed and in awe of you.


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