Through my Triumph of love and light we will strive to make companion animals family members!

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Building an Army of Angels

This weekend I had 302 friends on Facebook. Today I just broke 350 more. I plan to post my feeds and friends on my site and you are all my “Army of Angels”. Together we will spread the word to adopt a pet or as I like to say add a family member.

Invite someone today to be a follower of the cause.

Quick reminder, some things to look forward to. I was nominated for Hero Dog Award and look forward to getting the voting underway soon.

And on my site coming soon is a tool that will allow you to sign and submit a letter with our message to your state’s Senator.

Keep spreading the word and we will win.

God Bless

PS. Feel Better Shelby Grace Angel of Mercy. You will be fine I just know it.

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Hero Dog award nominee 2012

I am so excited to be nominated for the 2012 hero dog award. Voting begins on April 1. Please share far and wide. If we win, many dogs lives will be saved.


Here is the article describing my nomination “For many people “gas chambers” represent an awful, desensitized form of killing. Many do not realize that such organized killing still occurs today. Each year, millions of animals are euthanized through this brutal process. Rarely has anything breathing survived a gas chamber but in October 2011, this improbable survival story became a reality for Daniel the beagle in an Alabama gas chamber”

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