Daniel Goes To Seton Hall Law

Daniel The Beagle at Seton Hall

Daniel the Miracle Dog is not from New Jersey. He suffered a near-death experience in an animal shelter in Alabama, where he was placed in a gas chamber with 17 other dogs, all unclaimed strays whose tenure at the shelter had exceeded four days and which labeled them eligible for euthanasia. The animal control officer who found Daniel alive in the chamber kindly arranged for him to leave the shelter, and through the intricate network of rescue organizations that save animals from certain death, to find a new life in a safe, loving home. A foster family gave the dog his Biblical name – honoring the prophet who survived the lion’s den. Today Daniel lives with Joe Dwyer and his family in Nutley, New Jersey, thanks to the work of Eleventh Hour Rescue, based in Rockaway.

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Click here to see the photos from Daniel’s visit with the students of Seton Hall Law. Photos by Sean Sime

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There is a voice for the voiceless

Consider having my dad, Joe Dwyer speak at your event/conference. His “Dog’s View” series inspires people by focusing on my story as well as other dogs like my sister, Shelby.    With this presentation, we will continue to keep many animals alive and place them in loving homes!

www.proclaiming-treasures.com – Joe Dwyer    www.shelbysgrace.com – Shelby

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