Shadow’s Introduction to Daniel’s World

I am excited today as I begin blogging for Daniel The Beagle.  I hope you will enjoy reading glimpses of my world.

My name is Trever-Shadow.  I am most likely a Scottie-Poodle mix, and I love to play, run, watch birds,  sleep, take walks, take care of my Mommy, and have bunches of  fun.

I used to live in Animal Shelters.  Yes…more than one.

Last year the people who had me took me to a shelter and said they wanted to surrender me, as they could no longer care for me.  I was just a little over two months old then, and I don’t know why they didn’t love me enough to keep me. I think I am both loving and loveable!  🙂

No one wanted to adopt me from that shelter either.  So they sent me to a Humane Society in a larger city that was opening a new and beautiful facility.  They transported  40  of us that day!   We were to be there for the new Opening Day with the hopes that we could have a better chance of being adopted.  Soon after I arrived they picked me for surgery.  I had a bad hernia and needed to be neutered. opps… sleepy times…

I was in surgery the day of the Grand Opening, and all of the folks who came to view and adopt did not get to see me.  My ‘Mommy’ went that day along with many others, but she left with no new puppy.  ( more about that another day )  The adoption counselor told her they would have more puppies the next day who were currently in surgery.

The next day I was still in pain, a little groggy from surgery and hiding in the back corner of my cage trying to sleep and be invisible.  I was scared and miserable.  I was not invisible to my adopting Mommy, and this is where my  “Happy Life”  began!

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IAMS and Ricochet Team Up

Calling all animal lovers. Today I recieve an email from my friend Ricochet the Surf Dog. I have to share this with you as it is an incredible opportunity for you, me, him, and our 4 legged friends in need. Please read with an open mind and compassionate heart.

“Iams has offered to donate one bowl of senior plus dog or cat food for every new LIKE Ricochet gets on her FB page until 3/31, or until she hits 100K fans… whichever comes first.
We’re looking at 37,000 new fans which equal 37,000+ bowls of food for dogs or cats in rescues, shelters or service dog organizations!!
We don’t have much time to get 37,000 new likes, so we’re trying to make it go viral ASAP! Anything you can do to help get the word out for people to LIKE will help us reach our goal, so we can help organizations feed more animals.
We’re also looking for non profit rescues, shelters and service dog organizations that would like to be recipients of this campaign. The only criteria is that they need food & are a non profit. They can register by emailing with their org name, address & tax ID. 

Please, everyone reading this, if you are not a friend of Ricochet go ahead right now. It is the freest way to feed a hungry mouth.If you are a rescue submit you information it can’t hurt only help.

Good Luck Ricochet. We believe in you and support you.

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Daniel Goes To Seton Hall Law

Daniel The Beagle at Seton Hall

Daniel the Miracle Dog is not from New Jersey. He suffered a near-death experience in an animal shelter in Alabama, where he was placed in a gas chamber with 17 other dogs, all unclaimed strays whose tenure at the shelter had exceeded four days and which labeled them eligible for euthanasia. The animal control officer who found Daniel alive in the chamber kindly arranged for him to leave the shelter, and through the intricate network of rescue organizations that save animals from certain death, to find a new life in a safe, loving home. A foster family gave the dog his Biblical name – honoring the prophet who survived the lion’s den. Today Daniel lives with Joe Dwyer and his family in Nutley, New Jersey, thanks to the work of Eleventh Hour Rescue, based in Rockaway.

See the rest of the article here.

Click here to see the photos from Daniel’s visit with the students of Seton Hall Law. Photos by Sean Sime

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When the new year starts RUFF

When the new year starts ruff, I ask you to keep your head up and fight through it. Tomorrow will be another day. God has his plan and we are a part of it.

I do know from experience that a K-9 friend and companion is an amazing way to deal with the stress of the day to day. Dog’s so often seem care free and we can take a page from their book in our own lives.

If you don’t have a family member that walks on all fours, consider adopting today. A furry friend could help bring the smile to you face you needed to get through a crappy day.

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Hero Dog award nominee 2012

I am so excited to be nominated for the 2012 hero dog award. Voting begins on April 1. Please share far and wide. If we win, many dogs lives will be saved.


Here is the article describing my nomination “For many people “gas chambers” represent an awful, desensitized form of killing. Many do not realize that such organized killing still occurs today. Each year, millions of animals are euthanized through this brutal process. Rarely has anything breathing survived a gas chamber but in October 2011, this improbable survival story became a reality for Daniel the beagle in an Alabama gas chamber”

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