Shadow’s Introduction to Daniel’s World

I am excited today as I begin blogging for Daniel The Beagle.  I hope you will enjoy reading glimpses of my world.

My name is Trever-Shadow.  I am most likely a Scottie-Poodle mix, and I love to play, run, watch birds,  sleep, take walks, take care of my Mommy, and have bunches of  fun.

I used to live in Animal Shelters.  Yes…more than one.

Last year the people who had me took me to a shelter and said they wanted to surrender me, as they could no longer care for me.  I was just a little over two months old then, and I don’t know why they didn’t love me enough to keep me. I think I am both loving and loveable!  🙂

No one wanted to adopt me from that shelter either.  So they sent me to a Humane Society in a larger city that was opening a new and beautiful facility.  They transported  40  of us that day!   We were to be there for the new Opening Day with the hopes that we could have a better chance of being adopted.  Soon after I arrived they picked me for surgery.  I had a bad hernia and needed to be neutered. opps… sleepy times…

I was in surgery the day of the Grand Opening, and all of the folks who came to view and adopt did not get to see me.  My ‘Mommy’ went that day along with many others, but she left with no new puppy.  ( more about that another day )  The adoption counselor told her they would have more puppies the next day who were currently in surgery.

The next day I was still in pain, a little groggy from surgery and hiding in the back corner of my cage trying to sleep and be invisible.  I was scared and miserable.  I was not invisible to my adopting Mommy, and this is where my  “Happy Life”  began!

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