Digging up your Roots

Although the title might make you think about your pup’s heritage, that is not what this post is about.   This post is about the things naughty little puppies love to do – dig and chew.

See last weekend us beagles were taking a Saturday afternoon nap with momma when the phone rang.  It was daddy asking momma to come over right away.   Our sister, Bella, loves to dig holes in the yard and she loves to chew on roots and wood chunks.   Bella is an itty bitty 7 pound chi-weenie, but she is as stubborn as they come.  She doesn’t listen when momma and daddy tell her not to chew on things that aren’t made for puppies.   It seems Saturday afternoon was no different.  Little Miss Bella was digging holes in the yard and found some fresh tree roots to gnaw on.  That is where the problem came in.  A piece of the roots she was chewing on got stuck on her teeth across the back of her mouth.  Thankfully daddy noticed right away, but the chunk was stuck real good and Bella has a tiny little mouth and well, daddy has big hands.  He tried several times, but couldn’t get the root piece off her teeth.   He was afraid he was going to hurt her or break her teeth.   Bella was very fortunate that didn’t happen and after a few more attempts, daddy was finally able to get the roots off her teeth safely.

We were real worried about Bella and are so happy she is okay.   Momma said us beagles are just as naughty as Bella.   She said she is always taking bits of plastic and junk away from us.   We love to play and get into things.  We don’t know about the bad things that could happen if we swallowed something we shouldn’t.  We are glad momma thinks about these things for us.

We want to make sure that nothing happens to any other little doggies, so we are writing this post to remind all pet parents to watch their 4-legged kids closely.

Happy and safe playing!

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