The Efforts of Texas

On my Facebook Page, Krista Samouris, shared a video about the efforts of banning the gas chamber in Texas by a woman named Patti Watson. The article was reported by Dawn Tongish, a news reporter for CW 33. The article is titled Texas animal advocates push for law to ban “gas chambers” to euthanize shelter animals.

I want people to know that there are still plenty of states euthanizing animals via the gas chamber and that is just plain inhumane. We support the efforts of the advocates. To Krista we say thanks for Sharing. To Patti we say thanks for your efforts. To Dawn we say thanks for the report and support.

Below is an excerpt of the article and there is a full video of the report. Please View it and share it.

Each day, Patti Watson spends her time on Facebook updating others on an issue that is close to her heart.

“I really think most people don’t know about this.”

The Rockwall grandmother is part of a grassroots army that posts to a page called, “Stop Gassing Texas Pets“. The group hopes to end the use of carbon monoxide to euthanize shelter animals.

“Seagoville and Terrell have now stopped, along with others so we are making progress.”

But Watson says there are nearly 20 cities and counties still using the controversial method known as gassing to euthanize unwanted animals. During the process, the animals are put inside a cage and then inhale the cabon monoxide that is piped inside.

“You are putting up to six animals in a small box. They hear the noises. It is a horrible death.”

See the full article here

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