Radio Interview

Senator Dinniman and my dad, Joe Dwyer were interviewed on Dr Lois Kirshner’s show about Daniel’s Law.

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Press & Articles for Jan 02, 2012

US State Fights To End Inhumane Gas Chamber Dog Deaths
Through the efforts of Pennsylvania Senator Andy Dinniman and the passionate voices of animal advocates throughout the state, Daniel’s Law advanced in the.
From the Gas Chamber to the Good Life: Checking In on Daniel the
The lucky Beagle who emerged from an Alabama gas chamber now lives a great life with a family in …
Earlier numbers given for county’s euthanized dogs were way too low …
The group, the Athens County Animal Advocates, is attempting to get the county to switch from using a CO “gas chamber” to euthanize animals to an injection method administered by a veterinarian. At the time the petitions began circulating
Miracle Dog | Adorable Animals 2011 | …
Daniel, who is better known as the ‘Miracle Dog’, sits still while
Dog survives gas chamber. – Stormfront …
Walks out unscathed. This happened to the Jews all the time. Dog Survives Gas Chamber, Finds A Home In New Jersey.
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